I was so grateful to our amazing Transition Team who did a great job of planning and leading the Interim Ministry Event on Oct 27. I have been brought up to date on how the event went and the response of the congregational members present to the news that we have been in informal conversations with L’Arche Calgary who is looking for a new home, and Hillhurst United Church who is interested in exploring partnership with Living Spirit United Church.
The responses from the members of the congregation aligned pretty much exactly to the content of the meetings that the Transition Team has been having through September and October, so we are glad that we have been on the right track with representing your interests.
As we move forward with our partnership talks, there will be a “Next Steps” Team brought together with representation from the Transition Team, the Council and the Congregation. The Next Steps Team will be responsible for taking LSUC through the next steps in negotiating the “How”? and the “What”? details of the unfolding partnership or partnerships with these groups. The Transition Team will continue, but it’s role will be to focus on the care and support of the Living Spirit faith family as we move through this interesting, but confusing time in our wilderness journey.
At the IM Congregational event on Oct 27 the Transition Team took questions and comments from the table groups and responded to the best of our ability and knowledge. We are at the very start of the formal partnership talks. The questions you are asking will be taken to formal talks and will help shape the conversations--- please give the Next Steps Team space to work on the areas of concern before coming back to us with answers.
The questions and comments were collected and collated, and we are giving them back to you here:
Transition Team Event Summary October 27/2019
From the large sheet of paper:  Inclusively inclusive— L’Arche/HUC
IF we go with L’Arche we need a vision to move forward
Both Hillhurst UC and Living Spirit UC are in a deficit— how can that be viable?
          -Is it responsible of us to make a partnership with HUC
          -Leap of Faith— take risk
13 yellow papers with questions/comments from those attending:
#1   1. Not to have to choose between L’Arche & Hillhurst.  Are they mutually exclusive?  however there are space considerations with programming as well as administration.
       2. Long term viability of whatever constellation & form of partnership we choose— as a primary guiding principle.
#2   What is the financial model under which L’Arche operates?
#3   What are the financial differences between the 2 offers? 
          Are building costs included? 
          Will either buy into LSU and assume half of the responsibility for upkeep?
          Is there any idea what Hillhurst will bring to the table ?
                   i.e. do we keep any increase in $?
          With Hillhurst we need to mesh culture and invest in something new.
          With L’Arche we keep culture but don’t move further.
# 4   Can you explain Hillhurst UC option? 
Can you tell us what a Sunday would like?
#5  Are options 2 & 3 mutually exclusive?
Would we share service with the Hillhurst satellite church or just programs, cost and space?
          Will option 3 be enough to move forward financially?
#6   With the L’Arche partnership would we have a plan for investing in the long term future and growth of Living Spirit?
#7  L’Arche is a financial partnership and doesn’t do much for ongoing financial issues of LSU growth concerns.  Hillhurst has potential for growth and improved financials.
#8  What is the success vision for LSU with each of these opportunities?
#9   Is L’Arche a viable long term solution for LSU to solve our current issue long term                     Can Hillhurst? 
          Is there a financial side to Hillhurst discussion?
#10   What happens to Kids Club (Klub Care) when we share our space? 
          We need the group in our community!
#11   How many people will we be getting from Hillhurst?
          Will we at least be covering all our expenses?
          I understand Hillhurst is running a deficit??
#12  1. How will ministry sharing happen?
          2. L’Arche occupies basement, what will happen to current programs? 
          3. Will L’Arche community be encouraged to join congregation? 
          4. Would L’Arche buy into building?  How would that work?  Would LSU rent from them? 
          5. Will Matt stay if someone else moves in?
Indefinite Arts-L’Arche?
** Clearer intentions of HIllhurst should they come here?  time and space  Other options?
#13  Could we operate this church building with all three partnerships simultaneously through the week at different hours of coordination? 
Many Blessings,
Rev. Shannon Mang


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