From the September 22 service, presented by Teresa Boughen.

Your Transition Team did not take the summer off. We took a break from meetings for a month from mid-July to mid-Aug but many of us kept up the Interim work in different ways. From the time of the vote on June 16 when Living Spirit United made the choice to seek partnerships that would be sustainable, the TT was busy having early, first conversations with organizations and churches interested in pursuing a partnership. While Shannon was on holiday the TT helped organize guests to come and take part in our Sunday morning informal worship times held out doors when the weather permitted.

Merle Ann May was our first guest and told us the St. Andrew’s United Church story of selling their building and learning how to be “church in a new way”. St. Andrew’s United worships on Sundays with Deer Park United Church and their unique mission is lived out through St. Andrew’s Regional Ministries which has provided funding for a significant number of new ministry initiatives in Calgary.
Matt Burns of Klub Care, the out-of-school-care program that has been housed at Living Spirit for many years came and spoke the Sunday that Teresa and Carrie were leading the service. Matt gave a most inspiring talk about his life and what lead him to start Klub Care, and why he sees it as a calling to serve two Calgary communities now.

Barbara Grant was our final guest and she spoke to us about how the Wild Rose Wellness Hub located at Wild Rose United Church came into being and where they hope this collaborative ministry will take them. 

Members of the TT also made Sunday morning visits to some other Calgary churches to experience directly the worship life of communities who have undergone significant transformation in recent years.

Since mid-August the TT has been back into its meeting schedule. We continue to be front line in conversations that are continuing with three different groups interested in pursuing partnerships. Shannon gave the congregation a brief TT update at the end of August in the newsletter to let LSUC know that the conversations that are taking place involve groups that are interested in joining us at THIS LOCATION. It is important that our faith family understand that we are NOT PLANNING ON MAKING A MOVE. Rather, we are looking at options that will invite other groups to come and share our current location.  We hope that these conversations will soon move into formal negotiations, at which time we will be able to tell the congregation who they are and share more details about plans.

While these conversations are going on, our Living Spirit United Church family can be preparing to make room for new “house-mates”. It will take care and attention to learn how to share our house with others. We will have some fun new experiences and we will have to learn how to work our way through some new uncomfortable experiences. Next Sunday we will have another Interim Ministry Congregational Event where we will learn some lessons from one of the best transition teachers in the business world, William Bridges, whose book Managing Transitions has helped many organizations and businesses and faith communities move through difficult changes in the past 25 years. Our transition journey will be unique, but Bridges shows us that there are similar patterns that any organization will encounter when changing. We will look at what we can expect to encounter as we move through our transition to becoming a partner and “house-mate” with other groups living and working in our house. Anticipating and planning for these expected changes will help our community create a safe path through our transition.

A part of our Interim Ministry Congregational Event will be covenanting with our Council – staff and new Council Chair person, Merle Ann May. We will also be having a very brief Congregational Meeting to officially name Paul Davies as one of our trustees. We learned this past week that our membership is now just under the 100 member point which means that we will now require 10 full members of the congregation to be present to reach quorum. All people present will be able to take part and vote, but Congregational Meetings always must start with full members. It will be a busy Sunday. Once again lunch will be provided and we are lining up child care. Worship and lunch and the event should be over by 1:30pm. We hope that you will make time to take part in this very important day.


Living Spirit United Church strives to be an open-minded, relevant and inclusive inter-generational faith community that, in keeping with the Spirit of Christ, welcomes all people regardless of age, gender, economics, status, ethnicity, beliefs, culture, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Come help us live out our values of Joy, Compassion and Spirituality and fulfill our mission to be a joyful community that loves God and enthusiastically embraces all people.



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