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Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Presented by: Teresa Boughen

In our last update on January 24th Anne shared a summary of the first 9 months or so of our TT work. Looking at our church history, our “Congregational Angels” past and present and the many gifts that this core of dedicated congregational members possess.

Last week Shannon touched on the ebb and flow of congregational numbers that we have seen over the history of Living Spirit’s existence noting that we are at a time with lower numbers right now. But as she pointed out we have seen this before and come through it. Resiliency. That is perhaps our greatest strength. But we can’t deny that there are serious financial conversations that we need to have as a congregation.

Next Sunday, Feb. 24th the TT is inviting all of you to attend and participate in the first of many serious conversations. The upcoming budget for this year is designed to give the LSU family time to make a decision about our future and implement it. We will take the next several months to look at all possible options but whatever decision comes from this important phase we have already learned that we are a strong, caring, inclusive, compassionate and loving faith family. Over and over the phrase “Do not be afraid” is repeated in so many stories in the Bible: to Mary when the angel announced herholy pregnancy, to the shepherds on that first Christmas, and to Peter when Jesus asked him to leave behind his boat and fishing nets. Let us move forward in courage and faith and be fearless as we take the time to figure out our future plans beginning with our discussions next Sunday.

Our TT congregational event next Sunday will be a time for sharing information openly, inviting discussion and ideas and a starting point to begin to consider options for our future. What the TT discovered at our meeting on February 3rd is that we do have time. Time to carefully consider options and opportunities and that we need not rush the decision making process. We are all on this journey together and we hope that as many people as possible will be able to join us next Sunday after church for lunch and conversation as we move with considered intention into planning the future of our church. The TT needs your input and participation to guide us on this next and most important phase of our work.

Please plan to join us and remember that lunch will be provided!

On behalf of your transition team:

Carrie, John, Cameron, Anne, Shannon, Shannon, Jan and Teresa.


Living Spirit United Church strives to be an open-minded, relevant and inclusive inter-generational faith community that, in keeping with the Spirit of Christ, welcomes all people regardless of age, gender, economics, status, ethnicity, beliefs, culture, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Come help us live out our values of Joy, Compassion and Spirituality and fulfill our mission to be a joyful community that loves God and enthusiastically embraces all people.



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