Important Transition Team
Summer Update  

Your Transition Team was very busy during the month following Living Spirit United Church’s decision on June 16 to pursue partnerships rather than the decision to bring the congregation to a close in the coming year. From mid-June to mid-July there were several informal conversations with potential partners. While Shannon was on holidays from mid-July to mid-Aug other members of the TT kept busy, but we will go into detail about this work in our September TT Update.

We want to give you a brief update on one area of our work because we have been hearing from some members an assumption about our future direction that is not accurate. The TT is currently in conversation with three different groups about potential partnerships, and all three of these conversations are about having partners join us at our current location. An assumption that we have heard is that our faith family will be moving elsewhere… at this time this is NOT ACCURATE, we are exploring partnerships with other faith groups and community organizations that would keep us in our building. 

Please note that we are still in the very early stages of conversations with these three potential partners, and we are not limiting ourselves to ONLY these possibilities, but we do not want our faith family becoming anxious about a possible move when that is not currently on our horizon. As we learned from Merle Ann May from her visit with us in early July when she told the St. Andrew’s United Church story of transition, there will be many unexpected direction changes in any congregation’s transition… so THIS COULD CHANGE down the road of our own transition story. For the sake of transparency and to calm concerns that our current direction is all about leaving our home, we are letting you know that AT THIS TIME—we are planning to remain where we are as a worshipping community with new partners in our building. If this direction changes, we will let you know.


You can expect a more detailed TT update about all the areas of our Summer work on Sept. 15 in the worship service.

With Blessings, Rev. Shannon Mang on behalf of the Transition Team